AHA! Program

(Anxiety, Happiness, Anger)

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Emotional Management:  A Key to Successful Relationships and Work

  • Andy can barely suppress feelings of anger whenever he encounters rude customers at his workplace, and he often gets into trouble because of this. He has also missed out on several promotion opportunities.

  • Carol often feels anxious, tense and constantly worries about her job, finances, health and her family. She frequently worries about what they think of her, and whether she is doing her work well. She has difficulty sleeping, and experiences heart palpitations and stomach upsets.

Andy and Carol both have difficulty in managing their distressing emotions, affecting their work performance and relationships with others, and results in a loss of opportunities in their career and personal life.  In addition, their inability to cope with challenging emotions, could negative impact their physical and mental health. 

Hence, emotion management, or the ability to master your own emotions, is an important skill for a successful career and a happy life.  Learning how to manage your own emotions effectively can have practical benefits, such as an increased effectiveness to manage challenging situations, better collaboration among colleagues, more career opportunities, and improved physical and mental health. 

Our Emotional Management series of workshops will provide participants with some practical tips to manage challenging emotions more effectively.  

The following topics will be discussed:

• Benefits of emotional management

• Understanding my own emotions

• Practical strategies to manage our emotions

• Relationship between my emotions and my body

• Simple acupressure massage to calming the mind and the body


(1) Building Success through Calming the Anxious Mind (1 hour)

Anxiety is a normal reaction to challenging situations, such as exams, job interviews or public speaking.  A moderate level of anxiety can be beneficial, as it alerts us to dangers, helps us to stay focused and motivates us to solve problems.  However, when anxiety becomes excessive, persistent and overwhelming such that it affects a person’s daily functioning, that is when the individual experiences an anxiety disorder.  It is hence important for us to learn how to manage our anxiety, so that we can lead productive and fulfilling lives. 

In this interactive and educational session, the following topics will be discussed:

• What is anxiety? When does anxiety become a disorder?

• Risk factors of anxiety disorder

• Strategies to manage our anxious thoughts

• Relationship between anxiety and our physical body (especially the stomach and spleen)

• Simple self-acupressure massage therapy to manage anxiety

• How can we support or help someone who experiences anxiety?


(2) Looking Beneath the Anger Iceberg (1 hour)

Anger is a normal emotion.  However, many individuals have difficulty in managing their anger.  When uncontrolled, anger can result in various negative effects on a person’s physical, social and emotional well-being.  Learning how to manage frustration and anger appropriately is hence an important emotion regulation skill. 

In this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will be introduced to practical strategies to manage anger more effectively. The following areas will be discussed:

• What is anger?  Is anger always a bad thing?

• Psychology of anger:  Looking beneath the anger iceberg 

• Simple strategies to manage anger

• Relationship between anger and our physical body (especially the liver)

• Effective self-acupressure massage therapy to manage anger


(3) Discovering and Utilizing the Keys to Happiness (1 hour)

Most of us want to be happy and live a satisfying life.  However, many people frequently are overwhelmed with negative emotions, and do not seem to be able to overcome the stress associated with daily life. 

What would life be like if, instead of feeling negative and stressed, we felt more positive, engaged and resilient?

How can we experience more happiness and inner peace in our lives?

In this workshop, participants will discover the keys to increase their happiness and life satisfaction on a daily basis. 

The following areas will be explored:

• What is happiness? How does happiness relate to life satisfaction?

• Habits of a happy person

• Creating a happy mind

• Self-acupressure massage for a happy heart and body  

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AHA! program is a series of 3 x 1 hour sessions at your workplace.


“Dearest Joy and Hui, Thank you so much for providing today’s most amazing learning and growth experience. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been attending, working and creating wellbeing related sessions for the last 2 1/2 years and yours today was without hesitation the best I’ve ever been fortunate to take part of! I’m forever grateful for you both organizing such an amazing day and sharing your expertise with us. ” - Yennifer, Netherlands

“I am grateful to have attended the AHA program on 20 October 2018, where I learn simple practical tips to manage my emotions and practical self-acupressure techniques on our respective organs which correlate to our emotions such as Anxiety, Happiness and Anger. On top of that, I also learnt simple techniques on how to slim down. 😝 The workshop was fun, informative, interactive and engaging. The lively and fun loving energy of both the trainers make the learning fun and light-hearted and also gives us a comfortable space to share personally. They were very passionate and I can see that they have put in much effort to give us lots of value from the workshop. I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions effectively.” - Regine, Singapore