Caregivers sometimes experience a variety of emotions, such as anxiety, fear and loss of control. While every caregiver's experience is unique, most experience these challenging emotions in some way. 

Studies have indicated that chronic caregiving stress is associated with poor physical health, and poses a greater risk to the caregivers’ psychological and health-related quality of life. Moreover, many caregivers often overlook their own needs when caring for their loved ones. However, this can be counterproductive, as caregivers’ mental health and generally well-being have a significant impact on their loved ones. Hence, it is important for caregivers to practice self-care, in order to care for their loved ones more effectively.

In this experiential and interactive workshop, registered psychologist, Joy Hou of EmpathyWorks Psychological Wellness, will share with caregivers some practical self-help strategies to manage anxiety through identifying cognitive distortions and dealing with negative thoughts. In addition, natural health specialist, Lee Hui Fang, of YounGoGo will provide caregivers with helpful insights on the relationship between anxiety and the physical body (specifically, the stomach and spleen). Using a hands-on approach, she will also introduce caregivers to the basics of Self-Acupressure Therapy to help them to manage anxiety and insomnia more effectively.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • What is anxiety?

  • Importance of self-care

  • Learning to manage my negative thoughts

  • Relationship between anxiety and the physical body

  • Identifying important acupressure points

  • Basic self-acupressure therapy to manage anxiety



Check out the phtos of the session we did for the volunteers from Ren Ci Hospital