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Corporate Workshop


As a modern city dweller, it is inevitable that we suffer from one or more of the common discomfort like headache, migraine, insomnia, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, anxiety, eye fatigue and poor concentration

Master self care methods of keeping your body in balance to keep discomforts at bay. Learn how to relieve aches and pains via Self-Acupressure Therapy in our hands-on workshops!


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Does your employees have any of these health concerns?


  • Anxiety and Stress 
  • Headache and migraine
  • Fatigue tired eyes 
  • Respiratory issues
  • Stiff neck and shoulders

Here are some of the most popular 60 minutes suites that our clients choose as a favorite wellness treat to their valued teams at work.

1. Self-Acupressure Therapy Made Easy (An introduction) 

We live in a stressful environment with a busy lifestyle, we want quick and effective solutions to our healthcare needs. Easy step-by-step Self-Acupressure Therapy on our arms can quickly relieve headache, anxiety, stress, insomnia, respiratory issue and stiff shoulder.   

2. How to De-Stress Effectively & Achieve Restful Sleep? 

Rest seems to be a luxury now in our current busy lifestyles, all the more we need quality rest to enhance our focus and performance at work. This session comes with Self-Acupressure Therapy easy to use guides to relieve headache, stress and anxiety, giving us the needed quality rest. 

3. How to Stay Clear from the Common Cold, Cough, Flu? 

Central air con plays a critical part in rapidly spreading cold, cough, flu amongst co-workers in offices. This session demonstrates easy and effective Self-Acupressure Therapy techniques and when applied, how we can protect ourselves from being the next one when someone starts showing these symptoms. 

4. How to Prevent Stiff Neck & Relief Shoulders?

Stiff neck stiff shoulder is the No. 1 health problem most executives suffer as a result from long hours of computer usage. This workshop will equip participants with Easy Self-Acupressure Therapy techniques to self-heal sufferings with stiff shoulder and prevention of stiff neck.

5. How to stay focused and maintain vitality throughout the day? 

Long hours of LCD screen time can be very damaging to our eyes. This session with Self-Acupressure Therapy Made Easy tips helps to relax prolonged tension on our eyes, together with good focus, our body’s vitality is needed to get things done and moving. This 1 hour energizing workshop is bound to keep your co-workers at peak performance.   

6. How to Detox Naturally to Enhance Immunity? 

Toxins and free radicals enter our body through less-than-healthy diet, lifestyle and even respiration. More than ever, the modern person needs to keep our detoxification system (i.e: liver, bladder) to be at peak condition 24/7. This talk will empower participants on how to purge toxins and prevent illness as a result of toxic accumulation in their body. 


We provide 2 hours and 4 hours programs for deeper understanding and more hands on experience. Customisation welcome for team bonding sessions and staff retreats.

We do training sessions for companies who would like to do acupressure therapy as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. 


WHAT to expect?

1.       Understanding of how self-acupressure therapy can play an active role in our preventive healthcare regime

2.       Facilitators' guidance to ensure participants' correct location of acupressure points

3.       Be able to start applying what you learn immediately!

Preparation for workshop

  • Do come in comfortable 2 piece attire with loose neck line. Shorts or loose bottom are good. 
  • Do NOT come in dress or tight fitting clothes with no access to our arms, neck, shoulders, abdomen, lower back and legs.