Unleash Natural Health


For urban dwellers who are tired of suffering from stress and chronic pain issues, YounGoGo provides immediate relief of pain using self-acupressure. Unlike going to a therapist, users can conveniently access easy-to-use list of acupressure points to relief common health discomforts and maintain natural health. 

"Says who that everyone has to suffer from "sickness" before death?"

YounGoGo brings out the younger self in you regardless of age by unleashing easy and effective natural wellness. We believe that prevention is always better than cure and everyone deserves to start living a better life. It is a choice, your choice. 

With YounGoGo, you can unleash youthful health instantly by removing sickness in simple steps to enjoy a high quality lifestyle both physically and mentally at the same time, letting you feel young again. 


Natural Health is for everyone!

Your body is very smart. Given the right conditions and environment, your body can heal itself and aims to keep itself in balance. Everyone can tap into natural remedies to help create these optimum conditions and environments to allow your body to heal and recharge!

Listen to your body.

Your body tells you what to do to keep it in topnotch shape. When making decisions, listen to your body and you can positively impact your health and lives!

How to use YounGoGo?

Start your natural health journey with us! Read up on some natural DIY methods to help your body heal here. You can start using right away!

Come for our experiential workshops! Not only will you learn more about natural health but you will have the chance to learn DIY methods in person through hands-on activities!

Objectives of the YounGoGo programmes:

1.       Instant pain relief: Our natural health methods aim to help relief pain almost instantly.

2.       Keeping our bodies in BALANCE: We often build up our poor health over a period of time. Our simple methods aid our bodies to return to a more balanced state.

3.       PREVENTIVE healthcare:  YounGoGo believes in preventive healthcare and promotes the consistent maintenance of our bodies through our programme.


Start your YounGoGo EXPERIENCE!

You need not go through what I went through... 

When a family member is sick, the whole family is affected. It is not only financially and physically straining with the various medical appointments. Managing family members' emotions is another tough one. 

What I am going through can be PREVENTED.. 

Sad to say, many families are going through the same journey.. which can be PREVENTED..


Everybody loves present, but nobody welcomes Cancer as a present! Hear from Lee Hui Fang on why prevention is better than cure!

Credit: Community Project Resilience Go Live by Amplify Point