1. Instant Pain Relief

2. Keeping our bodies in BALANCE

3. PREVENTIVE healthcare

RESET 7.png

What do we do when our computer hangs or slows down?


We can do the same for our body!

RESET 7 is a quick reset of our human body in 7 steps, taking care of our 5 internal organs, namely Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney and Spleen.


1. Better Qi Circulation

2. Better understanding of our own health (locate our weaker links)

3. Better internal organs health (Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney, Spleen)

Reset. Realign. Restart.

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“Rather than relying on oral medication to overcome body ailments, I like that we can use the techniques in RESET 7 to achieve the intended purposes. It’s simple and effective.”

- Roy, 39, Engineer, Singapore