Restore Workshop

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Restore back your life!  Emotions like anxiety and anger are putting a strain on our stomach and liver. Very often we choose convenience over proper nutritious balanced meals while rushing for time in this fast paced environment. We sleep late with the various commitment to accomplish in a day. 

These unhealthy habits creates imbalance in our body. The RESTORE workshop emphasize in helping you get rid of toxins, shedding away unwanted stuff in your body.

Just by massaging your abdomen, lower back and legs, you will be able to put a balance back for your stomach and liver, improve your health as well as alleviate any existing pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing. 

Are any of these ailments bothering you?

Stomach issues


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 

Fatty liver

Anger management

Dry tired eyes

Back pain

Knee pain


Water retention    


Master the Easy and Effective methods of keeping your body in balance to keep discomforts at bay.

Learn how to relieve aches and pains via Acupressure Massage in our hands-on RESTORE workshop!

- 2 hours - 

tired eyes.png

RELIEF DRY TIRED EYES by massaging our FEET?

Multiple uses for this point! Anger management, liver detox and more...

back pain.png

Massage away your back ache..


1.       Understanding of how self-acupressure therapy can play an active role in our preventive healthcare regime

2.       Facilitators' guidance to ensure participants' correct location of acupressure points

3.       Be able to start applying what you learn immediately!



Do come in comfortable 2 piece attire with loose neck line. Shorts or loose bottom are good. 

Do NOT come in dress or tight fitting clothes with no access to our arms, neck, shoulders, abdomen, lower back and legs.