Self-Acupressure Therapy


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    A natural therapy to promote health & prevent illness without medication.

    Enhancing circulation of Blood & Qi


    Improve Metabolism 

    Strengthen Immunity 

    Acupuncture without needle   


    It is a very safe therapy which works on clearing the blockage along our meridian channels. 

    Meridians : Network of inter-connecting channels for vital energy (qi).

    Vital energy (or qi): Vital life force to ensure good health of our organs and tissues.

    The meridian channels (lung meridian, heart meridian etc) are very much like the MRT lines (East West Line, North East Line etc). The acupressure points are like the MRT stations. 

    When there is any jam along the MRT line, we complain for not being able to get to our destination. Same in our body. When there are blockage in the acupressure points, our body complains through aches and pains. 

    Self-acupressure therapy is a way to unblock the blockage to a healthy us. 


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    What to take note:

    Pregnancy: There are certain points that helps with nausea, morning sickness. But generally we do not do acupressure therapy on expecting ladies.

    No pain killers: We feel pain when stimulating certain points, it means those points are blocked. We stimulate the points to remove the blockage.  When we take pain killers, we feel numb all over, we will not know where are the pain points and proceed to do more therapy.

    No alcohol: We do not want to introduce more toxins into the body when we want to detox  through acupressure therapy.

    Not too full or hungry: Some may feel nausea when they practise self-acupressure therapy after a full meal or on empty stomach.  

    Complementary: Do not substitute self-acupressure therapy for necessary medical treatment. Self-acupressure therapy works well as a complementary therapy, especially for preventive healthcare purposes. 


    Check out Hatch, a program which comes with various acupressure points for you to practice self-acupressure therapy.