Self Care through Creative Arts

Adelyn Lee, Accredited Play Therapist from Pandora Box Play Therapy

Q1) What is self-care to you? 

As a play therapist, I need to be sure that I have sufficient space in my container to contain what the child couldn't contain in the play room. Thus, self-care is important, the awareness of when do I need a break to take care of my physical, mental and emotional health before continuing my play journey.

Q2) In what ways do you take care of yourself? 

I love connecting with people but somehow it drains my energy. I will try to fix several appointments on the same day. In between, I will enjoy coffee, cakes or good food on my own to have a quick recharge. I will also make sure that I have a day or two to rot at home, meaning to do nothing, just watch dramas or entertainment shows and not stepping out of the house at all. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I will explore with whatever I have and through various mediums to express myself through art. Examples like using chalks as paint and my fingers as brush, using toilet rolls and vegetable stems or even painting on clay. I don't really know how to draw or paint like an artist, it's more about how I feel during the process that matters. I also love coloring, not thinking about anything, just to focus on filling the page up with colors.

Q3) How have you benefited from your self-care practises?

Engaging in recreation activities helps me to release my stress and tension, I feel so much lighter after that. Not doing or thinking about anything helps to clear my mind so I can focus better and come up with more ideas. This is extremely helpful when I'm stuck.

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