Self Care through Gratitude

Loh Lilin, Chief Advocate at Dorjeh, Co-founder at Style Smith

What is Self Care to you?
Self care to me stems from the awareness and willingness to love myself first before I can give more to others. And it involves me nourishing myself physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Regardless of whether I’m high or low spirits, it’s important for me to be conscious about how I’m feeling and embrace things as they come.

In what ways do you take care of yourself?
Physically – I do a variety of sports and games (but not anything strenuous due to past injuries), including swimming, badminton, table tennis, squash and strengthening workouts. I always believe that what we eat is what we become, and so I avoid deep fried foods, late dinner past 8pm, and animal proteins as much as possible.

Emotionally – I grew up as a rather pessimistic child, and I arrived at greater awareness of that through personal development. I would occasionally keep my emotions in check by questioning myself for the things that upset or stress me. Reading and having deeper conversations with close friends allow me to manage and understand myself better. And most importantly, I spend time alone to reflect on myself and play with my dog, Cino, plus keep a gratitude journal, which I write every night before I sleep.

Intellectually – I read self development books, watch videos and attend business seminars to learn how others achieve greater heights and fulfilment in their lives so that I can implement them to bring about more purpose and happiness into my own life. On top of that, I run regular hands-on workshops for my business and teaching actually stimulates my thought processes and allow me to learn from the participants as well.

Socially – I meet friends, business partners and new people I meet over coffee and meals on a regular basis. During hectic periods, I would still connect with them via texts.

How have you benefited from your self-care practices?
These practices have helped me broaden my perspectives about people, business, life and myself. I’m more focused on solutions than problems now, and definitely feel happier when I’m able to truly feel happiness and blessed from the things that happen every day.

And what has impacted me greatly is that my relationships with people around me have drastically improved over the years and I am able to connect with people who matter at a much deeper level. I’m most grateful for all the things I’ve decided to do for myself and it rippled to many aspects of my life.

Loh Lilin Self Care through Gratitude