YounGoGo Unleash Program

YounGoGo Unleash Program

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Unleash is a program which comes with various acupressure points for you to practice self-acupressure for: 

1.      Instant Pain Relief: Our natural health methods aim to help relief pain almost instantly.

2.       Keeping our bodies in BALANCE: We often build up our poor health over a period of time. Our simple methods aid our bodies to return to a more balanced state.

3.       PREVENTIVE healthcare: YounGoGo believes in preventive healthcare and promotes the consistent maintenance of our bodies through our programme.

Unleash is a self-acupressure hands on program to Unleash Natural Health from head to toe.  It includes knowledge on how we can stay healthy by keeping our body in BALANCE through EMOTION, TASTE, COLOUR and more!  

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As a modern city dweller, it is inevitable that we suffer from one or more of the common discomfort like headache, migraine, insomnia, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, anxiety, eye fatigue and poor concentration. Unlike going to a therapist, you can conveniently access easy-to-use list of acupressure points to relief common health discomforts and maintain natural health.

Unleash is a very exclusive hands on program with personal guidance to ensure you get the self-acupressure therapy techniques right.

Designed for us to take care of our health with simple, useful practical information:

  • Where are the 14 meridians?

  • Where are the important acupressure points?

  • How to balance our 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)?

    5 elements includes emotion, sense organ, colour, meridian timing and more

    Unleash 1 (Wood): Liver & Gall Bladder

    Headache | Dry Tired Eyes | Stiff Neck & Shoulders | Liver Care

    Stiff neck stiff shoulder is the No. 1 health problem most executives suffer as a result from long hours of computer usage (posture) and late nights (sleeping after 11pm).

    Unleash 2 (Fire): Heart & Small Intestine

    Insomnia | Palpitation | Chest Pains | Tightness in Chest

    Rest seems to be a luxury now in our current busy lifestyles, all the more we need quality rest to enhance our focus and performance at work.

    Unleash 3 (Earth): Stomach & Spleen

    Abdominal Bloating | Constipation | Gastric Pain | Stomachache | Diarrhea | Weak Limbs | Belching | Nausea | Vomiting | Loss of Appetite

    Our irregular meal time and eating out more often than taking home cookded food is causing a strain on our digestive system.

    Unleash 4 (Metal, Water): Lung & Kidney

    Nasal Congestion | Rhinitis | Sneezing | Running Nose | Cough | Sore Throat | Asthma | Breathing Difficulties

    Fatigue | Poor Physique | Backache | Lower Back Pain | Menstrual Disorders | Menstrual Cramps | Cold Hands & Feet | Low Sex Drive

    Central air con plays a critical part in rapidly spreading cold, cough, flu amongst co-workers in offices. We can protect ourselves from being the next one when someone starts showing the cold symptoms.

    Kidney is our power station. When it starts ‘losing power’, many parts of our body will fall apart, especially our reproductive system.

Comes with YounGoGo kit (quality herbal essential oil and scrapping board)