Rather than relying on oral medication to overcome body ailments, I like that we can use the techniques in RESET 7 to achieve the intended purposes. It’s simple and effective.
— Roy, Singapore
I got to understand how our body signals us about its problems in the workshop.
— Nomulun Tungalag, Mongolia

I learnt the acupressure points that helps us with our well being.
— Rahul, India

The informative and hands on session is great!
— Yi Ting, Singapore

This is a refreshing and general health recovery session. I’ve learnt some valuable tips.
— Jason, Singapore

Interesting learning on Self-Acupressure Therapy. Pressure to the acupressure points can be used to treat headaches, nausea, and other symptoms. Thanks YounGoGo!
— Alex, USA
Knowledge of the different acupressure points for better health
— LC, Singapore

Many acupressure points to help in many health issues. Very interesting and useful information.
— Diyanah, Singapore