I am grateful to have attended the AHA program on 20 October 2018, where I learn simple practical tips to manage my emotions and practical self-acupressure techniques on our respective organs which correlate to our emotions such as Anxiety, Happiness and Anger. On top of that, I also learnt simple techniques on how to slim down. 😝
The workshop was fun, informative, interactive and engaging. The lively and fun loving energy of both the trainers make the learning fun and light-hearted and also gives us a comfortable space to share personally. They were very passionate and I can see that they have put in much effort to give us lots of value from the workshop.
I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions effectively.
— Regine Lim, Singapore
Dearest Joy and Hui, Thank you so much for providing today’s most amazing learning and growth experience. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been attending, working and creating wellbeing related sessions for the last 2 1/2 years and yours today was without hesitation the best I’ve ever been fortunate to take part of! I’m forever grateful for you both organizing such an amazing day and sharing your expertise with us.
— Yennifer, Netherlands
Rather than relying on oral medication to overcome body ailments, I like that we can use the techniques in RESET 7 to achieve the intended purposes. It’s simple and effective.
— Roy, Singapore
I was having a few days long persistent migraine when I attended the session with Hui Fang. She taught me how to massage the critical areas for migraine and within a few minutes, the migraine was gone! I’m so happy to find a natural way to relieve the pain without having to take painkillers.

Hui Fang is very clear in her explanation and will always make sure you get the right spot.

It has been a very enjoyable session, thanks for teaching me such valuable skill.
— Cindy Kua, Singapore
Hui Fang uses practical and easy methodology which I can understand and remember better.
— Adelyn, Singapore
I got to understand how our body signals us about its problems in the workshop.
— Nomulun Tungalag, Mongolia

I learnt the acupressure points that helps us with our well being.
— Rahul, India

The informative and hands on session is great!
— Yi Ting, Singapore

This is a refreshing and general health recovery session. I’ve learnt some valuable tips.
— Jason, Singapore

Interesting learning on Self-Acupressure Therapy. Pressure to the acupressure points can be used to treat headaches, nausea, and other symptoms. Thanks YounGoGo!
— Alex, USA
Knowledge of the different acupressure points for better health
— LC, Singapore

Many acupressure points to help in many health issues. Very interesting and useful information.
— Diyanah, Singapore

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