Unleash is a program which comes with various acupressure points for you to practice self-acupressure for: 

1.      Instant Pain Relief: Our natural health methods aim to help relief pain almost instantly.

2.       Keeping our bodies in BALANCE: We often build up our poor health over a period of time. Our simple methods aid our bodies to return to a more balanced state.

3.       PREVENTIVE healthcare: YounGoGo believes in preventive healthcare and promotes the consistent maintenance of our bodies through our programme.

Unleash is a self-acupressure hands on program to Unleash Natural Health from head to toe.  It includes knowledge on how we can stay healthy by keeping our body in BALANCE through EMOTION, TASTE, COLOUR and more!  


Preview of Unleash…

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A natural therapy to promote health & prevent illness without medication.

Enhancing circulation of Blood & Qi


Improve Metabolism

Strengthen Immunity

Acupuncture without needle

It is a very safe therapy which works on clearing the blockage along our meridian channels.

Meridians : Network of inter-connecting channels for vital energy (qi).

Vital energy (or qi): Vital life force to ensure good health of our organs and tissues.

The meridian channels (lung meridian, heart meridian etc) are very much like the MRT lines (East West Line, North East Line etc). The acupressure points are like the MRT stations.

When there is any jam along the MRT line, we complain for not being able to get to our destination. Same in our body. When there are blockage in the acupressure points, our body complains through aches and pains.

Self-acupressure therapy is a way to unblock the blockage to a healthy us.


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What to take note:

Pregnancy: There are certain points that helps with nausea, morning sickness. But generally we do not do acupressure therapy on expecting ladies.

No pain killers: We feel pain when stimulating certain points, it means those points are blocked. We stimulate the points to remove the blockage. When we take pain killers, we feel numb all over, we will not know where are the pain points and proceed to do more therapy.

No alcohol: We do not want to introduce more toxins into the body when we want to detox through acupressure therapy.

Not too full or hungry: Some may feel nausea when they practise self-acupressure therapy after a full meal or on empty stomach.

Complementary: Do not substitute self-acupressure therapy for necessary medical treatment. Self-acupressure therapy works well as a complementary therapy, especially for preventive healthcare purposes.

1. Instant Pain Relief

Check out the acupressure points to relief your discomfort. 

Stiff Neck & Shoulders | Headache, Dry Tired Eyes | Insomnia, Palpitation, Chest Pain, Tightness in Chest | Nasal Congestion, Allergy, Rhinitis, Sneezing, Running Nose | Abdominal Bloating, Constipation, Gastric Pain, Stomachache, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Weak Limbs | Backache, Lower Back Pain

Stiff Neck and Shoulders.png

Stiff Neck and Shoulders


Feng Chi is located at the base of our hairline. You will feel an indent at these points.

Jian Jing is located at the mid point between the spine and the end of the shoulder.


Feng Chi: Cup your palm and place your palm onto your neck firmly.

Raise your head up and down 20 times.

Jian Jing: Place your right hand onto your left shoulder,

left hand onto your right shoulder. Your middle finger should fall nicely onto Jian Jing.

Massage Jian Jing in circular motion 20 times.

Headache, Dry Tired Eyes


Da Dun is located at the inner side of our thumb nail.

Xing Jian is located between the 1st and 2nd toe (near web).

Tai Chong is located on top of your foot in the webbing between the 1st and 2nd toe.


Use your finger knuckle to massage these 3 points 20 times.

An easy way is to 'draw' a line over these 3 points from Da Dun to Tai Chong towards your ankle.


Insomnia, Palpitation, Chest Pain, Tightness in Chest


Shen Men is located at the wrist line. 'Draw' a line between the 4th and 5th finger down to the wrist line. The indent is Shen Men.

Nei Guan is located 3 fingers from our wrist line at the mid point.


Use your thumb to massage these points 20 times.

Nasal Congestion, Allergy, Rhinitis, Sneezing, Running Nose

Nasal Congestion, Allergy, Rhinitis, Sneezing, Running Nose


He Gu is located at the highest point of the muscle when thumb and index fingers are held together. Place the line from your right thumb onto the web of your left hand in between your thumb and index finger. You should feel some soreness when you press at this point.

Ying Xiang is located at the side of our nose. You can feel the indent at these points.


He Gu: Use your thumb to massage 20 times.

Ying Xiang: Use your index fingers to massage this points 20 times.

stomach issues

Abdominal Bloating, Constipation, Gastric Pain, Stomachache, Diarrhea, Vomit, Nausea, Weak Limbs


Zu San Li is located 4 fingers below the knee cap just beside the shin bone.


Clench your fist and hammer this point 20 times.


Backache, Lower Back Pain


Wei Zhong is located at the mid point behind our knee cap.


Tap this point 20 times.



2.       Keeping our bodies in BALANCE


Tune back what has gone out of balance. 

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.
— Jana Kingsford
Are you in balance ( 5 elements - organ, emotion).jpg

It is all about BALANCE.

We are healthy when our system is in balance.

Through years of research and observation, our organs, emotions and many other factors are classified into WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER.

Emotions affect our organ health. E.g. Too much anger harms our liver.

Experiencing any imbalance?


Headache . Dry Tired Eyes . Stiff Neck & Shoulders


Insomnia . Palpitation . Chest Pains . tightness in Chest


Abdominal Bloating . Constipation . Gastric Pain . Stomachache . Diarrhea . Weak Limbs . Belching . Nausea . Vomiting . Loss of Appetite


Nasal Congestion . Rhinitis . Sneezing . Running Nose . Cough . Sore Throat . Asthma . Breathing Difficulties


Fatigue . Poor Physique . Backache . Lower Back Pain . Menstrual Disorders . Menstrual Cramps . Cold Hands & Feet . Low Sex Drive

Start taking care of the respective imbalance.


3.       PREVENTIVE healthcare

In 5 mins

Self Care is a form of Self Love.
how to self care in 5 mins with YounGoGo.png

Stay healthy with no blocked energy in our meridians. Preventive healthcare can be easy with self-acupressure!


4 hours | 4th Sat of the month

As a modern city dweller, it is inevitable that we suffer from one or more of the common discomfort like headache, migraine, insomnia, stiff neck, stiff shoulders, anxiety, eye fatigue and poor concentration. Unlike going to a therapist, you can conveniently access easy-to-use list of acupressure points to relief common health discomforts and maintain natural health.

Unleash is a very exclusive hands on program with personal guidance to ensure you get the self-acupressure therapy techniques right.


Designed for us to take care of our health with simple, useful practical information:

  • Where are the 14 meridians?

  • Where are the important acupressure points?

  • How to balance our 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)?

    5 elements includes emotion, sense organ, colour, meridian timing and more

Unleash 101: Reset Our body’s 5 Internal Organs

What do we do when our computer hangs or slows down? Reset. We do the same to our body, taking care of our 5 internal organs, namely Liver, Heart, Lung, Kidney, Spleen.

Unleash 1: Sleep Well & Breathe Well

Rest seems to be a luxury now in our current busy lifestyles, all the more we need quality rest to enhance our focus and performance at work.

Central air con plays a critical part in rapidly spreading cold, cough, flu amongst co-workers in offices.

This session comes with Self-Acupressure easy to use guides to

- relieve stress and anxiety, giving us the needed quality rest

- protect ourselves from being the next one when someone starts showing the cold symptoms

Unleash 2: Relieve Headache, Stiff Neck & Shoulders

Headache or migraine at different parts of the head indicates different issues. 

Stiff neck stiff shoulder is the No. 1 health problem most executives suffer as a result from long hours of computer usage.

This session will equip you with Easy Self-Acupressure techniques to relieve and prevent headaches, migraines, stiff neck and shoulders.  

Unleash 3: Liver Care, Relieve Backache & Stomach Discomfort

Many of us are sleeping after 11pm. When we are not resting by 11pm, we are straining our liver, making it do overtime... 

Are we drinking too much alcohol? Are we suffering from tired, dry eyes?

Backache and stomach discomfort like constipation and diarrhea can be relieved through simple self-acupressure.

This session will equip you with Easy Self-Acupressure techniques that helps in diabetes and weak limbs too.

Comes with YounGoGo kit (quality herbal essential oil and scrapping board)