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Refresh Workshop


We live in a fast-paced society where stress seems ubiquitous and learning better self-care through the management of stress is what the workshop aims to do. The Refresh workshop will focus on stress management and the relief of tension where you will be relaxed, free from stress and rested so that you will soon be ready to take on the world again!


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Experiencing any of these health issues?

  • Asthma / Sinus problems
  • Cold / Cough / Flu
  • Headaches / Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory issues
  • Stiff neck and shoulders  

Master the Easy and Effective methods of keeping your body in balance to keep discomforts at bay.

Learn how to relieve aches and pains via Acupressure Massage in our hands-on REFRESH workshop!


BREATHE BETTER by massaging this point
Coughing, asthma, tight chest and more...

Stiffness from longs hours in front of the computer?
Instant Relief for your Stiff Neck and Shoulders and Headaches



1.       Understanding of how self-acupressure therapy can play an active role in our preventive healthcare regime

2.       Facilitators' guidance to ensure participants' correct location of acupressure points

3.       Be able to start applying what you learn immediately!


  • Do come in comfortable 2 piece attire with loose neck line. Shorts or loose bottom are good. 
  • Do NOT come in dress or tight fitting clothes with no access to our arms, neck, shoulders, abdomen, lower back and legs.